Friday, October 4, 2013

After 36 years; Stephen King's Doctor Sleep has arrived

After more than three decades, the sequel to one of the most terrifying novels of all time "The Shining" has finally hit the shelves and it's already #1 on USA today's best selling books list with the original even propelling to #25.

Doctor Sleep picks up with little Danny Torrance; covering the aftermath of the experiences at the Overlook Hotel then fast forwarding through his life, stopping in on different sections as he ages including his alcoholism to distort his physic powers. With his past still haunting him he bounces from town to town performing menial jobs, eventually finding himself now in his 40's working at a nursing home helping the sick and the elderly gently pass away using his physic gift; earning him the nickname "Doctor Sleep". He meets Abra Stone, whose physic ability dwarfs his own but he also learns of The True Knot; a collection of human-like physic devouring parasites who pose as a group of retired vacationers driving RV's across the country while secretly searching for children with the shining, with the intent of torturing and feeding on them.

It's next to impossible to top the original, but the story in general intrigues the hell out of me. Anyone else hoping for a film adaptation? I wouldn't get your hopes up for any more solo sequel novels from Mr King however, as his stated that Doctor Sleep will be his "First and only". Also available on audio and e-book.

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